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they accentuate the masculine and feminine. If you were to visit a hat shop

The Fashionable Hat: A Silhouette of Belonging by Monique Wendove
Hats can be the key accessory defining our dressing style. They can have different meaning, for example religious or cultural. The best thing is they can be combined with very different types of clothing. Being very different for men and women, they accentuate the masculine and feminine. If you were to visit a hat shop, such as or , you find hundreds of kinds of hats with individual meanings that are both subtle and enlightening. It is really amazing what a hat can tell you about how a person feels and thinks and who he or she identifies with. We will get to the details soon, but . . . .
First the boring stuff technical you probably already know, stuff that is always essential for a full understanding of any deep top such as hat fashion: A “normal” hat (and these days can we still agree what is normal?) consists of several main parts of which I will name only two: the crown, this is the portion which covers and protects our head from outside elements, for example wind or rain. And the peak (visor) or brim. This part is made to protect our eyes from sunlight.
There are at least two reasons why people might wear hats, but to be completely thorough we will name five. As it already said, it might indicate a. social status, b. religious affiliation or c. just something extra to our normal dressing. Of course there are also different styles of hats for men and women, so it says something about sex too. There are hats which can go well together with specific women’s clothing. As for men’s hats certain prominent artists in hip-hop culture, for example, like to wear hats with a very flat visor, thus becoming a standard defining style in the broader hip-hop culture. Showing that every individual in this culture is proud to be part of it. Hats are used for the identification of fellow lovers of hip-hop music.
In more formal ways, hats can be worn to identify different ranks, for example in the police and military. There both, men and women have the same type of uniforms. Different hats may indicate different ranks and in this way it will make it easier for the fellow police officers,Ugg Bailey Button, for example to identify the above rank and salute properly. And harder to determine sex.
Let’s continue along to the army, where hats are more than just way of identification. They may be bullet-proof in order to protect the soldiers if they are in battle. On a typical army hat, you find it painted in colors which indicate many things, for example in which squad the person is working. There may also be insignias with the name and rank of the person who are wearing them. In the military both men and women soldiers will have to cut their hair so their hat can properly fit on their head and ensure maximum protection.
Another reason for wearing hats is religious identification. Different religions have different types of hats for both men and women. These hats are customarily worn by each different religion and they show that the people who wear them are strong and dedicated believers of the given religion.
Before you go I’d like to remind you of the long history of hats; there have been many famous hat makers. One of these famous hat makers was Locks from London’s St James’s Street. This was a family owned business which started operation in 1676 and was family owned business. They offered a great variety of different hats and caps with the highest quality for both sexes.

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